Invitation to contribute Articles, Research papers, Case Studies and Book Reviews.

Guidelines for Submission of Manuscript

  1. Please submit an electronic copy of your paper to the Managing Editor in WORD. There is no need to mail a hard copy by normal postal mail. If needed, you will be requested for a hard copy.
  2. Authors/Scholars must provide details about their designation, affiliation, mobile no. and email id.
  3. The length of paper should not exceed 15 A-4 size pages and eight thousand words, including data tables, graphs and a list of references.
  4. Manuscripts must be submitted in MS Word format, single spaced, in Time New Roman font, size 12 for body/text, size 14 for title and main headings with normal/standard margins.
  5. Manuscript must contain an abstract not exceeding 150 words, including keywords.
  6. The authors / scholars are suggested to follow “APA Citation Style” for including references in the articles/papers and for preparing ‘List of References’.
  7. Please write to for any further clarification or information.