An Analytical Study on Wealth Management Predispositions - With Special Reference to Millennial


Jyoti Kukreja


There is a fierce race into grabbing the largest pie of cake by all but most of us want to grab that pie and store it. It is not easy to earn and rather more difficult is to save. With MNCs coming to India the dream of becoming rich is not far-fetched now. With the zeal and passion to earn and accumulate wealth, the upcoming professionals want to be independent in taking decisions to manage their wealth. Generation Y is tech savvy and agile in extracting information and making decisions. With the 4G networks, Facebook and other social media platforms, they are leveraging opportunities to shape their fortunes. They are careful investors as they have seen upheavals in the society and appreciate saving money for rainy days to reign across their lifestyle. The understanding of the hard work in amassing wealth had been passed on to them in the form of short stories by their ancestors. Findings: Millennial have been found to be well-informed with a high propensity to save. It had also been recognized that the ‘Stand-up and Start-up India’ drives have been knocking on their entrepreneurial instincts.


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